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Some of these stories contain adult content of a sexual nature. Do not read if you are under the age of 18. Please note that this website's Terms of Use apply to you, even if you choose not to read them.


Stories are arranged by fandom (with my most recent fandom first), and within each fandom with the most recent stories first (Billy/Dom/Orli saga at foot of page). Last updated: 19 October 2008.

Note: I accidentally deleted this page a few weeks back; I am in the process of reconstructing all the links so please be patient! Until such time as all fics are up here again, do check out my LJ memories . :-)

Football rps

So you've had a fight. A right royal stinker of a row. Wayne Rooney / Cristiano Ronaldo. In the wake of Portugal/England, World Cup 2006. July 2006. With pics.

Cristiano Ronaldo, in his hotel room in Germany, turned over onto his stomach, his fists trapped against his belly, and tried not to think of Kaká. June/July 2006. With pics.

Kaká and Cristiano Ronaldo sweat the big stuff. A drabble of 100 words. With pics. June 2006.

Under a Portuguese Sun
Football ficlet nr. 1. Mildly experimental. Kaká/Cristiano Ronaldo. June 2006. With pics.
Under a Brazilian Moon
Football ficlet nr. 2. Two pretty football players exchange shirts at midnight. Kaká/Cristiano Ronaldo. June 2006.

Stargate Atlantis

John is trapped, on a desert island, with a wraith. John Sheppard/wraith. April 2008.

One Kiss Later
When biogenetic mineralogist April Bingham got posted to Atlantis at the far ends of the universe, she had not expected to run into whatsisname from Oshawa High algebra club. Guy with the washcloth mouth and the award for worst kisser of 1986. April Bingham (who is not an original character but canon!) / Dr Rodney McKay. May 2006.

Whoa. Being a man is like, whoa. In fact, it's more like double whoa. Lt Laura Cadman / Dr Rodney McKay. March-May 2006.

Spiralling Out, Spiralling In
Eldon had lived so long in a place with no straight lines, he found his own home city hard to remember. So he took to following McKay around. Eldon / Rodney McKay. Another writing experiment. April 2006.

Essence of Kerosene
Soon to be uploaded.

Aliens Did Not Make Them Do It
Soon to be uploaded.

Two to a Bed
Soon to be uploaded.

John Opens a Door
Soon to be uploaded.

Eye to Eye, Or We May Die
Soon to be uploaded.

Harry Potter fps

Two wizards talk on one of those bright early autumn days, with the air like crystals and the light bouncing off the snow drifts on Mount Chomolangma. Harry Potter/Wizard of Earthsea fusionfic. Features: Harry Potter, Sparrowhawk (Ged) of Earthsea, Draco Malfoy, Dudley Dursley, and (in a minor role) Chang from 'Tintin in Tibet'. Nov.2005-May 2006.

Lord of the Rings rps (one fps)

The Desert Prince: A Fable Posted so far: Parts 0-6 (last updated 2 Sept. 2003). In progress.
AU. Orlando is ensnared by the evil Desert Prince and must confront his own dark secrets. But maybe it is really the evil Desert Prince who is ensnared by Orlando...? Multiple, but mainly Orlando/Bean, Orlando/Karl, Orlando/Billy; also featuring Dominic/Elijah, Liv/Miranda, and possible other combinations.
Warnings: Character death. Character murder. BDSM. Non-consensual sex. Gender bending. WIP with irregular posting schedule. Florid prose.
The sweet and lovely Becca Ming has made me a wonderful picture to go with "The Desert Prince", a kind of cover illustration. Desert Prince art here.

When in Malta
Orli and Brad have a meal and discuss career options. The sun sets. Memories waft by. Orlando Bloom / Brad Pitt; Orlando Bloom / Dominic Monaghan.
My first Troy!fic, and possibly the first Troy!fic ever. ;-)

The "Boring!Orli" Series. Orlando Bloom / miscellaneous. Variously called "mad", "mundane", "funny and hot", and "a work of evil genius". Work in progress.
1. Making Tea
2. Taking a Shower
3. Making Plans
4. Taking a Walk
5. Sitting on a Chair
6. Thinking about Things
7. Having a Chat
8. Entertaining a Visitor
9. Tidying Up
10. Imbibing Pharmaceuticals
11. Succumbing to the Influence of Chemistry
12. Paying the Taxi Driver
13. Adjusting to Changes
14. Appreciating the Health Professions
15. Discovering that Girls Have More Fun.
16. Falling in with Professionals
17. Coming Again
To be continued...

Time passes through history. Various men look at art, make art, or are trapped by art. My first fic for the Ned Kelly Gang fandom. Mick Jagger, Mark McManus, Ned Kelly, Joe Byrne, Sidney Nolan. G.

The Orc's Tongue
My first FPS character-fic. Pippin is licked by his Orc-captor. Various bodily fluids are secreted and ingested. NC-17. Warning: violent and squicky.

Unfinished Business
Harry Sinclair and Andy Serkis get stuck in the sky. R.

Rover and Dom
I slashed Dominic with a soft toy. Couldn't help it. Had to be done.

Improvs, snippets and crack!fics

Different Tastes
Dom fucks Karl. Karl fucks Dom. But do they love each other? Sequel to All Tomorrow's Birthdays.

All Tomorrow's Birthdays
Dom has a thing about older men. A romp through time and space. Dominic/Bernard/Karl; Dominic/Derek Benfield. Guest appeareances by: Alan Hansen/Gary Lineker.

The Other Trailer
Viggo and Orlando share a trailer.
Companion fic to "A Helping Hand" and "We Can Do More".

Let's pretend to be boyfriends. Let's kiss and caress and make schöne Augen. Dom/Orli fluffy goodness.

The "Arthropods" Series. Dominic/Karl. An experiment with style.
1. Crabs in the Sand
2. Ants on the Counter
3. Spiders in the Bin
4. Beetle in a Box
5. When We Are Human

Past Imperfect
The second Dave set eyes on the man, he knew who it was. He knew, and he remembered.

Viggo Mortensen / Kiran Shah. Viggo is adrift. Kiran is in love.
Who is Kiran Shah? He's the scale and stunt double for Merry. Some pics of him here.

At About Six O'Clock
Liv Tyler / Miranda Otto. NC-17.
Liv feels hot. Miranda has ice cubes.

Up Shit Creek
Billy Boyd / Karl Urban. NC-17.
Billy did not like Karl Urban. Yet somehow he had got himself into a situation where he was stuck with Karl Urban, alone, in a small boat, on a large river, without a paddle.

Life After Virginity
John Noble / Bernard Hill. Defloration oldster-style. NC-17.

Olives in Brine and Artichoke Hearts
Karl Urban / John Noble / Bernard Hill. Karl wants to taste food. John and Bernard want to taste Karl. NC-17.

JRD and SB. The world needs more JRD slash, so here it is. John has a problem. Sean B. helps out. NC-17.

Larks and Nightingales
John Noble and Bernard Hill have an argument. PG.
Who are these men? If you don't know, you should, because they are Denethor and Theoden in TTT and RotK. John is pictured above. Visual Aids: Bernard and John

Riding Together Upon One Horse
John Rhys-Davies and Orlando Bloom rehearse a scene and share a horse. Happy and tasteful fluff. PG.
If JRD seems strange to you: he shouldn't! Out of all the Fellowship, he gets the shortest shrift, and he really deserves better. Read this story to find out why.

The saga of Dominic, Billy and Orlando:

1. A Helping Hand; 2. We Can Do More
Fangorn Forest. Dominic and Billy share a trailer. My very first posted story. NC-17.

3. When the Cat's Away
Dunharrow. Dominic and Billy are separated. Dominic and Orlando go to the beach. NC-17.

4. Roller Coaster
Minas Tirith. Dominic and Billy are reunited. NC-17.

5. A Perfect Day
Wellington. Billy goes away for the weekend. Dominic invites Orlando round. NC-17.

The Other Trailer
Not part of the saga as such but a companion fic to its beginnings. Viggo and Orlando share a trailer.Companion fic to "A Helping Hand" and "We Can Do More".

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