I'd like to say thank you to a couple of people, without whom NBOT wouldn't be what it is today.

First of all, there's Blaze, who helped me immensely by hosting some of my files when the amount of traffic here started to expand over my bandwidth limit. Without her, I'd have been forced to take down the sounds, the desktop themes, and other big files. (this counts even more because she's not even a Harry Potter fan)
*hugs* You're the best, Blazeyboo!

Bigs thanks also go to Katie, who helped me with screencaps and sound editing, and who never complained about my numerous questions, though there really were quite a few. J Thanks, Katie!

I thank Gypsy Silverleaf because she did a lot to promote my site, and because she's one of the most dedicated webmistresses I know.

Thank you, Cat, for picking nits and loving the site.

And I thank Penumbri for sharing the fun with me.

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