Here you'll find 1183 screenshots from the Goblet of Fire movie, widescreen tags cut off. Yeah, might have gotten carried away there for a bit. *cough* As you'll imagine, it took quite some time and energy, so please don't put any of these up on your website without giving me credit.

They are in alphabetical order.

From Amos Diggory to Champions

From Cho Chang to Dumbledore

From Durmstrang to Harry in the Prefects' Bathroom

From Harry in the Bathroom to Harry & Hermione

From Harry & Hermione to Harry at the trial

From Harry & the Trolleywitch to Hermione

From the High Table to Mad-eye Moody

From the Movie Titles to the Riddle House

From Rita Skeeter to Seamus

From the Second Task to the Twins

From Voldemort to the Yule Ball

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