about My name is Mayhem. Boys Kissing is the archive for animated .gifs I have created. Some of them are in character, some not. Most of these pictures are manipulations featuring actors from the LotR trilogy, all of them evolve around boys kissing other boys.

If that makes you uncomfortable, you're obviously in the wrong place. Do yourself and me a favour and leave.

Everyone else, I hope you enjoy the animations you find here. If you have any suggestions for certain boys you'd like to see kissing, drop me a line, and who knows, I might even fulfill your wish. :-)

I would prefer not to have other sites put up my animations. If you want to put them up anyway, please do mention that I made them. Normal ones are strenuous enough to do, but these were done with my very heartblood in hours of tedious puzzling. ;-)
To really make my day, link back to my site.
Do NOT Hotlink the pictures. Ever.

A huge thank you to Blaze from midnight-in-jersey.com for having hosted so many of my big files in the last few months. I'd have been lost without her!

I post all of my .gifs to the livejournal community lotr_animations before putting them here. Come and have a look!

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